I would like to help you choose flowers to complete your perfect wedding. If you have decided on "wooden flowers", I will meet with you for a consultation in my flower shop. During this time, I will arrange different flower types and colors to come up with your perfect bouquet. I also make corsages for moms, grandmothers and special guests. While you are here, I can help you decide on boutonnieres for the men sharing in your special day.


Estimated prices are given at the time of your consultation.  Most of our complete weddings cost on average between $350.00 and $700.00 depending on how many are in your wedding party and the type of flowers you choose.  We work hard to stay within your budget while making your flowers their "own" special event. 
~Individual Pricing~
BRIDAL BOUQUET- $110 - $130
CORSAGES - $14 if pin on    $18.00 wrist 
BOUTONNIERES - $6.00 each  (small bud)
Kissing Ball - $30.00
Head Piece - $25.00

Individual flower pricing:
Small bud - $1.25 each
Large bud - $2 each
Half-open - $1.50 each
Standard fully open - $2.50 each
Large fully open - $3 each
Chinese - $2 each
Lily - $4 each
Calla lily - $3
Daisy - $1 each
Tulip - $2 each
Peony - $5 each

Ribbon requests - $2 per bouquet                                Pearl handles - $5
Sm. Pearls - $1 per bouquet                                       Bling - $1 per piece
Glittering  $1 per bouquet                                  Greenery - $2 per bouquet  

All prices are based on an average wedding.